Our Culture

Our Culture is that of sustainability - Evermax Eco

Our Culture focuses on Sustainability

Our corporate culture is centered around sustainability. We continually assess, develop and implement business strategies that benefit both our customers and the global environment.

Our Goals:Our culture of sustainability at Evermax Eco - recycle symbol

• Develop a higher level of social responsibility as well as a pro-environment supply chain without increasing our costs.

• Maintain our devotion to safe production standards and top notch quality processes.

• Develop supplier relationships to increase efficiencies in order to decrease consumption of natural resources.

• Design and develop new products with sustainability in the forefront.

Corporate Responsibility:

Evermax Eco partners with customers and suppliers to be more environmentally and socially responsible in all our endeavors. We expect our team to be responsible innovators in developing and supplying sustainable materials and products to the global supply chain.

Zero Waste:

Reducing waste saves money for our customers and suppliers, while reducing our reliance on non-renewable resources. Our task is to continually work toward a zero waste operation. Our key initiatives include:
• Recycling
• Minimizing packaging waste
• Reducing energy and water requirements
• Increasing product design efficiencies

Sunshine Group

Evermax, as a key part of the Maxim Group of companies, also participates in the corporate Sunshine Group.  This group is made of employees that travel throughout China and focus on the environment and philanthropy.  The group travels to poorer regions of China and donates much needed supplies to local villages and schools.

sunshine1               Maxim Sunshine Group              Maxim Sunshine Group

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our global sustainability initiatives.  We are always happy to help educate others on ways to make our planet a better place for all.



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