Evermax Eco Factory Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Evermax offers a wide variety of individual products to support your business growth. Our manufacturing capabilities include films that are tailored to meet your requirements. Our technically advanced films are used in a multitude of applications such as the leisure products, in textile processing as well as in the auto, security and medical technology fields. New applications are added every day.

Evermax manufacturing capabilities, based on experience, also span across several areas:
• Custom blown film production (TPU and EVA films for medical, garments, packaging and the automotive industry)
• Heat seal operations (Camping Self-Inflating Mattresses, Water Proof Bags, Air Pillows and more)
• Lamination (Any variety of fabrics. Breathable or air tight for clothes, sporting goods or other industries)
• Radio Frequency welding/sealing (PVC or TPU mattresses, Bullet-proof vests, Dry Bags)
• Cut and Sew operations (TPU Dry Bags, Bicycle Bags, Backpacks, Hunting and Fishing Accessory Bags)
• Logistics controls (Shipping, Warehousing, Customs Clearance)
• Component sourcing (Air pumps, Buckles, Snaps, Packaging, Garment Accessories and more)

When product requirements call for outstanding performance characteristics, engage the capabilities and resourcefulness of Evermax early in the process. We will save you time and money. Bring your next great idea to Evermax now.


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