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Support your local birding festival!
Wings, Waves, and Woods
Deer-Isle, Stonington

Wings Waves & Woods” is Deer Isle’s Migratory Birding Weekend. Local birders lead conservancy and beach walks plus boat rides to see puffins, seas birds and eagles.
The 5th Annual Downeast Spring Birding Festival

Cobscook Bay, Whiting. Hikes, Puffin trips, Sightseeing Boat Trips, Sunset Cruises, Expert Lectures. In the Cobscook Bay area of Down East Maine, join a special birding experience during spring migration and the breeding season.
10th Acadia Birding Festival
Bar Harbor, MDI
Acadia National Park

The Acadia Birding Festival is Maine’s 1st bird watching festival, established in 1998. Join the weekend on Mount Desert Island for a special and educational birding experience during spring migration and the breeding season.

The Penobscot Valley Chapter of Maine Audubon is looking for a few more resilient birders. For the last several years, we have had a spirited birdathon competition between three PVC teams, two Downeast Chapter teams, and one from Aroostook County. While it has been lots of fun, we realize that we have been keeping much of the selfish pleasure to ourselves. The chapter board of directors has been discussing the formation of a couple new teams, using some of the expertise from the old teams. This means that either some of the old teams will break up their hardcore enthusiasts, or a few of us will join more than one team.

Accordingly, I am seeking interest from anyone who might like to spend an entire day in the field searching for as many species as possible while raising funds for Maine Audubon. Birding expertise is not required, but some other abilities are a must:

  • Able to bird from owl to owl (pre-dawn to post-dusk).
  • Able to see or hear birds, regardless of ability to identify them.
  • Able to eat sandwiches while driving.
  • Able to raise a few dollars from friends and family to support Maine Audubon.
  • Able to choose a date to join three other teammates between mid-May and early June.
  • Able to appreciate seeing more than 100 species in a single day.
  • Able to help select a silly team name. (Notice: The Cardinal Sins, Clay’s Pigeons, The Acadian Flycatchers, and The Lame Ducks are already taken.)

If you would like to join a team, form a team, lead a team, or shadow a team, please reply to Bob Duchesne at [email protected]. Also reply if you would like to hear of other, less intensive opportunities to participate in this year’s Maine Audubon Birdathon.

Bob Duchesne
Penobscot Valley Chapter President

Fields Pond Audubon Center

aaaaThe Penobscot Valley Chapter supports the Audubon mission of conservation and education in the greater Bangor region through localized programs and field trips and through ongoing support and stewardship of Fields Pond Audubon Center in Holden.
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Explore what’s available to you at the Fields Pond Audubon Center. Check out the special Programs and Field Trips offered by the Penobscot Valley Chapter. Check out the hot spots of Birding Eastern Maine. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the FAQ page.

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